Altus 2.2

Altus 2.2 is available now!  It can reduce your file size by up to 90% of its original size when using one of the 10 methods of compression for your denoised EXR output image.  The latest update also gives additional support for 16bit outputs giving you two ways to reduce image sizes and save disk space.

Features in 2.2

• Multipart EXR loading is now supported

• 16bit outputs

• 10 ways to compress your output

Visit out contact page to join our exclusive Beta Test Group (B.T.G). Your feedback on builds such as 2.2 will help us continue to deliver the best denoising product.


Team Innobright will be attending this year's SIGGRAPH in Vancouver from the 13th-16th of August. We don't have a booth but would love to connect with you in person to get to know you better. Send a time and place we might try to meet. We would also like to welcome new companies to sit down and chat with us about how Altus can speed up your workflow.

Kicking off the excitement of SIGGRAPH we are offering special pricing for Altus Studio, Arnold or NUKE plugins/integrations for $149 for each.

Connect with us here, and let's share stories and find ways to improve Altus so that it can continue to be the world's leading denoiser!



Your Redshift experience just got better with the latest, fully integrated “Altus denoiser” from Innobright. Altus leverages your GPU giving you quicker results with Redshift. Altus-Redshift puts you a single click away from faster, production ready renders.

The Altus-Redshift integrated denoiser is available to all Redshift users at $149 for a single, one year license. Redshift users receive discounts for Altus standalone products - Altus ServerPro.

Click here Redshift



Team Innobright