Altus Linux/Windows/MAC OS X builds

Altus for Windows comes with a GUI, along with the OpenCL, CUDA, and C++ compute models of Altus.

Altus for Linux come with OpenCL and C++ compute models of Altus. They are compiled against glibc 2.12, and will work with any distribution with that or later (which includes CentOS 6 or later, Ubuntu 12.04 or later, etc).

Altus for macOS comes with OpenCL and C++ compute models of Altus. It will run on macOS 10.9 or later.

All Altus downloads are free for evaluation purposes, but insert a watermark. To remove the watermark, you can purchase an Altus subscription from our product purchase page.

For best performance with Altus, please make sure you have a working OpenCL ICD installed on your computer. Other than OpenCL, Altus downloads include everything (statically linked) so you do not need to install any extra libraries/software.

If you’d like to purchase Altus, please visit the Altus Purchase Options page.