Legacy Downloads

Altus Denoiser is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Altus Denoiser comes in multiple offerings:
* Altus Studio Part of 2.0 release: features an interactive user interface.
* Altus ServerPro Part of 2.0 release: includes Altus Studio and our Command-Line Denoiser (CLD), perfect for automation and render farm integration.
* Altus Standalone Original Altus release (v1.0 – v1.9.3) includes Altus GUI and CLI.

These legacy downloads feature previous versions of Altus Denoiser and are provided for backwards support.
Go to our downloads page if you are interested in the most recent Altus Denoiser version

For best performance with Altus, please make sure you have a working OpenCL ICD installed on your computer. Other than OpenCL, Altus downloads include everything (statically linked) so you do not need to install any extra libraries/software.

Archived Versions

Previous Altus Denoiser versions below