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Altus Denoiser

Altus Denoiser is Innobright’s post-processing tool that removes noise from rendered images while preserving details and effects. We let you generate fast, noisy renders and filter them to produce high quality images & animations.

Our users include visual effects (VFX) & animation studios, advertising companies, architectural & engineering firms, and anyone else that does 3D rendering.

With Altus you can render less, and get more!

We offer many ways to integrate Altus Denoiser into your workflow

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Denoise with our standalone post-process tools…

Altus Studio

Fast Interactive user interface for denoising.


* Easy to use graphical user interface.
* Import wizard to get your renders into Altus fast.
* Interactive image viewer to preview results.

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Altus ServerPro

The complete package! Activates all Altus products.


* Altus Studio is an artist friendly interface.
* Altus-CLD is our command-line denoiser.
* Altus works with render farm automation.
* Denoise animations for best quality.

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Or denoise with our plug-ins and Integrations

Altus for Redshift

Fully Integrated into Redshift. Denoise with one click.


* Integrated into Redshifts UI.
* Enable the denoiser with one click.
* Get production ready renders faster with Altus.

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Altus for NUKE

Denoise with an Altus Node for your NUKE project.


* Adds a new Altus denoiser node to NUKE.
* Easily add it to new or existing projects.
* Works in interactive and batch modes.

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Altus for Arnold

Denoise with an Altus output driver to denoise after rendering.


* Adds an output driver to Arnold for Altus Denoiser.
* Automatically denoise after rendering.
* Supports simultaneously denoising AOVS.

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Altus in Maxwell

Altus comes free with Maxwell as a fully Integrated denoiser.


* Fully integrated into Maxwell's UI.
* Enable denoising with one click.
* Included in Maxwell for free!

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See what Altus can do for you…

  • Compatibility

    Altus Denoiser supports Linux, Mac and Windows and can denoise renders from all popular 3d Renderers.

  • Denoise with Speed

    Altus Denoiser is built with OpenCL meaning you'll get denoise results fast. Altus can fully leverage your high performance GPU or CPU setup. With preview mode you can get HD denoise results within seconds.

  • Preview and Production Quality

    Altus can denoise at two quality levels. Preview mode brings fast results. Production mode brings the best quality.

  • Hair and Strand Denoising

    Altus can preserve details in hair and fur. Keeping your strand definition while removing noise.

  • Interactive User Interface

    Altus Studio is an interactive user interface that helps you import and manage Altus projects. Get quick visual feedback with the interactive image viewer.

  • Command-Line Denoiser

    Altus ServerPro includes a command-line denoiser. It can be managed by config files, automated by popular render-farm software, and can be scripted to work your way.

  • Temporal Filtering for Animations

    Altus can take in neighboring frames while denoising animations. This will prevent flickering and other noisy artifacts.

  • Volumetrics

    Remove the noise while retaining the sense of volume and turbulence. Altus preserves the high frequency details that give volumetric's their realism.

  • Reflection/Refraction

    Get sharp refractions/reflections and smooth glossy surfaces at the same time. Altus reduces the samples required to get a smooth reflection.

  • Subsurface Scattering

    Subsurface scattering requiring too many samples? Altus can take the transmission/SSS AOV information and smooth the noise while retaining shape, color, and texture details.

  • Motion Blur and Depth of Field

    Altus smooths out DOF while keeping forground/background separation. With global position AOVs, Altus gains insight into the scene that other denoisers lack.

  • Denoising Textures

    Remove the noise while keeping texture details. Colors, Normals, Displacement, can be preserved, keeping your material definition the way you want it.

  • Denoising Global/Indirect Lighting

    Have noisy lighting? Altus can denoise your AOVs too giving you smooth global illumination at a fraction of the samples.

  • Denoising all AOVs

    Altus can denoise all your AOVs simultaniously. With Altus you can select which AOVs to input to Altus and a different set of AOVs to denoise.